Responsible Beverage Training

Protect your alcoholic beverage sales license

Premier Alcoholic beverage service Training, Server Certification and Tracking

protect your business from liability

The responsible service and sale of alcohol is critical to your bottom line

Do you have an alcohol sales license for your establishment?  Is your staff properly trained to serve alcohol in a legal and responsible manner?

After taking our online courses, your staff will learn how to protect your establishment from liability, the effects of alcohol on the body, recognizing signs of intoxication and how to prevent customers from becoming intoxicated, how to identify minors and how to check IDs, how to handle difficult situations and preventing disturbances, how to prevent second-party sales, and how to effectively refuse a sale. You will also learn about your state’s rules and regulations governing the sales & service of alcoholic beverages.

What we can do for your organization

  • Create a system that puts industry and government working together to allow oversight and accountability in the dispensing of alcoholic beverages.

  • Establish the highest quality consistent training for servers and managers of alcohol.

  • Create a database tracking system to report violations that occur at the workplace.

  • Allow all qualified owners and managers of liquor licenses to search and report to the database tracking system and review potential employee records to weed out habitual violators.

  • Create a system that puts more responsibility on the server that actually is responsible for alcohol related violations.
alcohol beverage service training

Responsible Alcoholic Beverage Training on demand

Servetrain was developed by a group of industry individuals that have over 50 years of experience in the service of alcoholic beverages. It is our knowledge that we hope will make the difference in Servetrain to be the industry tool that can make a difference, and keep alcohol out of the hands of minors at all licensed premises.

Please note: If you own a liquor license, or if you are authorized by an owner and you sign up as a manager, your application will have to be approved by Servetrain to verify your credentials before you can become active with manager privileges. Manager accounts have more privileges such as the capability to access the Servetrain Tracking database. This can take up to 24 hours. If you have any questions, please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for answers.