By taking a ServeTrain Responsible Beverage Service Training course, you will learn how to protect yourself and your establishment from liability, the effects of alcohol on the body, recognizing signs of intoxication and how to prevent customers from becoming intoxicated, how to identify minors and how to check IDs, how to handle difficult situations and preventing disturbances, how to prevent second-party sales, and how to effectively refuse a sale. You will also learn about your state’s rules and regulations governing the sales and service of alcoholic beverages.

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Certification Details

Students: Each ServeTrain Responsible Beverage Service Training student course is offered for either Certification Or Re-Certification. You must go through a Certification course before you are eligible to take a Re-Certification Course. All our Certifications and Re-Certifications are good for 2 years.


Available States




Certification – $30.00

Re-Certification – $15.00

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Certification – $25.00

Re-Certification – $25.00

Maine Flag


Certification – $9.00

Re-Certification – $9.00

Montana Flag


Certification – $9.00

Re-Certification – $9.00

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Certification – $14.00

Re-Certification – $14.00

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West Virginia –

Certification – $7.00

Re-Certification – $7.00

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