***Notice To Students who signed up BEFORE January 2015***
Our courses use popup security questions that you will have to answer at different stages to proceed through a course. You will be forced to start again if you are unable to answer any of the security questions correctly.Therefore, YOU MUST first go to the “Update My Account” page and answer all the questions there BEFORE starting any course.

Does ServeTrain Offer Live On-Site Training Courses?

No, ServeTrain only offers courses online. Please consult your local telephone directory if you would like to attend a live classroom setting.

Does the Course have Full Audio Voice-Over throughout the course?

No, only the sentences in yellow color have audio voice-over. The student will have to read the rest of the sentences in order to be able to successfully pass the final exam.

How long is the certificate good for?:
The certificate expires 2 years after the date you received the certificate. For example, if you received the certificate on 6/14/2011 then it will expire on 6/11/2013.

I am a principal of a company, and we wish to sign up several of our employees who deal with serving & sales of alcohol for this online class, Can we enroll our employees in this course?:
Yes, you can purchase a special COUPON CODE that will be valid for the number of employees that you require. You can easily pay for as many students as you wish, and receive this special coupon code which will allow your employees to sign up for the course by entering the code in the proper field during sign-up for the course, and there will be no need for making any payments. You can pay for the coupon codes either by Credit Card online by going to the special link “COUPON CODE”, or you can pay by company check by filling out your information and printing it out and then faxing it to (949)443-5018. Our customer service department will then contact you so that you can send us a check and we will issue you a special coupon code that your employees can then use to enroll in the course.

I am taking the Course, but My Friend (or Employer) is paying for it. Can we do this?
Yes. The information for the person actually taking the course to become certified needs to be entered into the registration fields on the course registration page. The credit card number, expiration date, and security ID# should be entered into the “Credit Card Information” section. The person, who owns the credit card, should not enter their name anywhere on the page, except for at the bottom in the credit card billing section. The only name, address, E-Mail address, date of birth, Identification number, etc. that should be entered is the information belonging to the person who wishes to become certified.

I do not have a Credit Card. Can I pay with my debit card?:
If your debit card features the logo of a credit card company such as Visa or MasterCard, then you may use the card for this online transaction. If your card does not have this logo, you will need to use an alternate method of payment. If you would prefer to pay with cash, you do have alternative options. Check with a friend or family member to see if they will allow you to pay cash in exchange for them allowing you to use their credit card for this payment. Additionally many grocery stores, convenience stores, etc. sell pre-paid credit cards. You have the option to purchase the card at the store and pay cash, and then use the pre-paid credit card for your online payment.

I do not have a Credit Card. Can I pay with Check or Cash?:
We do not accept cash; however if you have a personal check, please print out the registration page, and enter all the necessary information, and mail it to ServeTrain Address along with a personal check for the amount of class fee as listed on the site’s first page. After cashing your check, ServeTrain will register you for the course, and will send your user name and password.

I do not have an E-Mail address and it is requiring me to enter an E-Mail address to register. What do I do?:
Email addresses are used to identify students in our database. If you do not have an email address, you have two choices. First, you can click on the special link that will take you to providers of free E-Mail addresses and you can easily sign up for a free E-Mail address. Your second choice is to ask a friend or family member to borrow their E-Mail address. Please remember that your password will be sent to that E-Mail address and you will need to be able to check your mail after you have registered for ServeTrain.

I have forgotten My User Name & Password. What Do I do now?:
Your user name is the E-Mail address that you entered while you signed up for the course. If you have forgotten your password, just click on the “Forgot Password?” link (also located on the first page of the ServeTrain site) and enter the requested information, and a new password will be sent to your e-mail address.

I own a liquor license and am the owner of a bar & restaurant serving alcoholic beverages, I just signed up as a manager on ServeTrain site and received my password in my e-mail in-box; however I am not able to sign in to my account. What is wrong?:
Since manager accounts have extra privileges such as access to our server tracking database, ServeTrain must verify the liquor license number furnished by the applicant. This usually takes 24 hours. After you sign up as a manager, please wait for 24 hours prior to logging into your account for the first time. If your account is approved by the ServeTrain administrator, you will be sent an e-mail within 24 hours. If you will be turned down for any reason, your payment will be refunded to you.

If I am in lesson 3, and I wish to quit for the day, will I be able to get back to where I left off?:
Yes, but you will have to properly exit the course, by clicking on the “Exit Activity” button at the top right corner of your screen.

Let’s say I am in lesson 2, why can’t I skip to a next lesson like lesson 5?:
State laws require students to participate courses for a set number of hours. The time length varies by state. Most states require that students participate in a specific number of “classroom hours” in order to receive their certification. This is to ensure that students have time to read and comprehend the information before moving on to the next section. For this reason, students are unable to “skip” to the next lesson until their allotted time has been reached for each lesson. Traditional “live classrooms” also require students to participate in the class for this same specified number of hours.

What are RBS Training Educational Objectives?:
– Improve public health and safety.
– Establish a higher professional standard for hospitality service.
– Improve the business viability of responsible establishments.
– Support quality of life in the neighboring community

What if I do not have a Printer Attached to My Computer to Print out My Certificate?:
Just go to a computer which has a printer attached to it, and log into your account, and click on the “Certificate for Responsible Alcohol Beverage Service Training (On-Premise)” link and print it out.

What If My Internet Connection is Very Slow?:
If your computer’s Internet service is very slow (Dial-Up Connections), ServeTrain highly recommends that you take the course on a different computer. Often times friends, family members, employers, career placement centers, and public libraries can offer use of alternative computers with fast Internet speeds.

What is R.B.S – Responsible Beverage Service Training?:
RBS Training is an educational program that trains owners, managers and servers of alcohol in how to avoid illegally selling alcohol to under-age or intoxicated patrons.

Who Should Use This Training?:
This training has been designed for people in the “Level 2” category as defined by the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. This refers to individuals involved in direct service or sales of alcoholic beverages, including cashiers, servers, bartenders, doormen, bouncers, etc., within a licensed establishment (on- sale). The employment status of these individuals may be part-time, full-time, temporary, or permanent. Minimum instruction time three hours, to four hours recommended.

Will I Receive a Certificate after Completion of the Course?:
Yes, after completing the course which consists of 6 lessons and passing the final exam with a minimum score of 80%, you will automatically receive a ServeTrain certificate in your own name with the date of cetification in PDF format. The certificate can be accessed and printed from the “My Account” page. Note: You must have Adobe Reader installed to view and print the certificate.